Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Darrel Pallaske "The Molester"

*****Laura Yardley*****

The molester is dating an adult education teacher (Laura Yardly) from LCSC (Lewis & Clark State College) What kind of sick individual would stand by a convicted child molester? Apparently she wasn't adequate enough to satisy his sexual desires. I wonder if she will wait 5 years for him to get out of prison? I am glad she isn't teaching our nations youth. I would be concerned for their safety if she thinks molesting ones 9 year old child is acceptable. It is obvious that he has problems if he is going to molest his own daughter. I think Laura is in desperate need of psychological help as well. Perhaps she was molested as a child and she can relate... (no idea.)

ASOTIN - A Clarkston man was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison.Darrell R. Pallaske, 37, was convicted last month of first-degree child molestation, second-degree incest and tampering with a witness. He was back in Asotin County Superior Court for sentencing Wednesday."The practice of allowing nudity in your home, even through and including the night of this incident," Asotin County Superior Court Judge William Acey said, addressing Pallaske. "I'm not a prude, but that's a recipe for disaster."Pallaske’s alcohol abuse was discussed during the proceeding. The defense said he blacked out when he molested a nine-year-old child."Couple that with your substantial alcohol consumption and your six year addiction to computer pornography," said Acey. "You've been grooming her sir. You've effectively been grooming her for the everything that happened."Defense attorney Tom Ledgerwood was hoping for a special sex offender sentencing, which would allow for immediate release and several years of intensive counseling."It appears to the court that this has been cold, calculated," said Acey. “Your intent all along to have the opportunity to do something like this."Acey denied the Ledgerwood’s motion, saying Pallaske is a threat to the community. Acey sentenced Pallaske to life with a minimum of 57 months in prison plus court fines and fees.